Fraudulent Emails That Appear to Be from Schwab

Written by Brett Detterbeck.


Fraudulent Schwab Pic

As you know, cybersecurity is something we are always working on here at DWM. We wanted to make you aware of the following regarding fraudulent emails that appear to be from Schwab.

In a new wave of phishing attempts, clients may receive fraudulent emails that appear to be sent by Schwab. We have seen several variations, but the most common email references e payment and security notices (view sample above).
The emails typically contain a link to a legitimate-looking Schwab website and prompt the recipient to provide credentials and other personal information. Schwab would never ask clients to provide information by email. 
What to do if you receive an email:
1. Don't click on links within the email or provide any personal information.
2. Send us a copy of the email as an attachment, if possible.
3. After sending a copy, you may safely delete the email if you did not click the link or provide any information.


What you can do in general:


• Be aware of suspicious phone calls, emails, and texts asking you to send money or disclose personal information. If a “service rep” calls you, hang up and call back using a known phone number.

• Never share sensitive information or conduct business via email, as accounts are often compromised.

• Beware of phishing and malicious links. Urgent-sounding, legitimate-looking emails are intended to tempt you to accidentally disclose personal information or inadvertently install malware.

• Don’t open links or attachments from unknown sources. Enter the web address in your browser.

• Check your email and account statements regularly for suspicious activity.

• Never enter confidential information in public areas. Assume someone is always watching.


At DWM, we recognize that you have worked and continue to work very hard for your money. Our goal, in every facet of providing Total Wealth Management, is to protect and grow your assets. Cyber-safe practices are a key element of risk management. Our first job is to educate our clients and friends about the importance of cybercrime, identity theft and fraud. Charles Schwab & Company, the custodian for our clients’ money, is as dedicated as we are to keep you and your funds safe and help prevent attacks.


Brett M. Detterbeck, CFA, CFP®, AIF®

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