DWM’s Client Portal Overhaul

We are pleased to announce a major overhaul to the Client Portfolio Management side of our website, powered by Orion Advisor Services, a third party that is a leader in portfolio management reporting for the Registered Investment Advisor industry. This is where DWM clients can access their personal portfolio information (such as portfolio details, transaction activity, and portfolio performance) on a secure site. (The MoneyGuidePro planning side is unchanged).

Website 072514

The Client Portal site is now more user-friendly and intuitive. You’ll land on the overview page when you first log in. From there, you can easily navigate into the pages specifically devoted to PERFORMANCE, HOLDINGS, & ACTIVITY. And you can easily switch from viewing from the household level or at the account level just by clicking on one of your accounts. (Click on the picture below for a larger view).

Demo Client screen shot

You can still run the classic PDF style reports. Just go to DOCUMENTS tab, then REPORTS, and click on your desired report. This will be of particular interest for those clients with illiquid securities that are shown “below-the-line” as the OVERVIEW LANDING PAGE does not support those and thus won’t show them there. Quarterly statements and invoices are also found within this same area.


We know you’ll love the new look and feel of the site. But to get it, you need to visit www.dwmgmt.com or click on the following link: https://login.orionadvisor.com/login.html?g=53C76474-50BC-40CB-AA14-6B9E56B04DDA

Also, be sure to look for the DWM Mobile app on iTunes or the Android App store!

For our clients, we will review this exciting new Client Portal at our next meeting with you to make sure you are able to login and to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that userids and logins will timeout after 181 days of no activity. We recognize that this can be frustrating, however, because of the confidential nature of the information, Orion has put this safeguard in place for your protection.