How to Nickname Accounts within SchwabAlliance

nicknamesHaving a hard time deciphering which account is which within SchwabAlliance? Well, our blog today is directed toward helping you conquer just that!

As you most likely already now, as a DWM client, you have a few ways to access your information:

DWM/MoneyGuidePro Financial Planner

DWM/Orion Portfolio Manager


(For more info on DWM-Connected Sites please click here to read our short blog: DWM Websites-101)

SchwabAlliance is a third-party site that, unlike the top two sites listed above, DWM cannot control. This is intended for compliance purposes. Since we cannot control that site, we cannot “nickname” an account for you there like we do within our DWM/Orion reporting system.
But by following this easy-to-use guide created by newest DWM teammate, Nick “Nick-Name” Schiavi, you can have those accounts nicknamed in a matter of minutes.


     Here is a link to the guide: Nicknaming and Grouping Schwab Alliance Accounts

Of course, you can always call the friendly folks at SchwabAlliance (800.515.2157) if you’re still having trouble with that site. For any help on the other DWM sites, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Happy surfing!