Part 2 of 2: Your Financial Wellness is Like Going to the Doctor; Take our Financial Wellness Assessment

doctor-chartLast week, I talked about how comprehensive financial planning is an on-going job and not a one-time shot in the dark. That being said, everyone needs a starting point. For those of you already working with a professional financial planner like DWM, you’re on the right track. For those of you who aren’t, you may want to try our complimentary Financial Wellness Assessment.

It’s found by clicking below or going to our home page and clicking on the button: Button

The “test” takes only about 5 minutes. There are questions relating to your planning for retirement, to specifics about your employer-sponsored retirement plan, to estate planning, insurance, etc. You also have the option, although it is not required, to provide your portfolio details so DWM can provide specific follow-up. 

After the inputs have been entered, you will receive a Financial Wellness Scorecard identifying what areas – like goals, insurance, investments, mortgage, etc – are in need of improvement, on track, or are in good status.

Please note: By no means is this tool a substitute for real comprehensive financial planning. However, it is a really nice way for those that haven’t fully dived into financial planning yet to get their toes wet and get a quick, painless glimpse into the financial planning world. And based on the results, it could present a starting point for crucial needs you may have, and what areas a professional wealth manager like DWM could help you with.

So go ahead and take the DWM Financial Wellness Assessment today and think about getting that “baseline” I talked about in last week’s blog. By the way, I recently went back for a check-up physical and got the results. Since I already had my baseline, I wasn’t only able to see what looked like pretty good results but also that my numbers had improved since the initial visit. The “trend is my friend”. Is your financial trend your friend?